Online Donation form with Fixed Option & Additional Donation Option

donation-comboIf you’re looking for the ultimate combination of our Fixed Amount Donation Form and our Variable Amount Donation Form, this might be the perfect solution for you. This form allows your used to select a fixed donation level and then provides them the option to make an additional donation of their choosing. The form can be customized to virtually any need your Parent Group might have. Transactions are completed with Paypal and before you know it your PTA or PTO will be raising more money than ever before, AND, making it easier for both you and your donor families!

View the Dual Option Online Donation Form Here


Online Donation Form for Any Amount

donation-selectThe Online Donation Form with a user selected donation amount is a great form to use if you want to allow your visitors to donate any amount to your PTA or PTO group. Users can donate whatever amount they feel comfortable giving with this customizable online form. Collect the donation via Paypal and watch your Parent Group’s fundraising skyrocket. No more collecting checks and hounding people, make it wasy and they’ll donate even more!

View the Online Donation Form with a User Selected Amount Here


Make a Donation Online Form (Fixed Options)

donation-fixedMany PTA and PTO Parent Groups want to collect donations on their website and the Online Donation Form with Fixed Pricing is a great way to do that. If you want to collect donations outside of your Online Family Registration Forms, this form is a great option. This specific forms allows you to suggest specific donation levels (amounts) and is especially effective if you have different donation levels and or rewards.

View the Online Donation Form with Fixed Options Here